Current Gig List

  Feb 15th    D Flat Live
  Feb 23rd    City of Sails Birthday Hop Edgewater College
  Mar 8th      Stetson Club
  April 5th     Howick Club
  April 26th   Grey Lynn RSC
  May 10th    Stetson Club
  May 25th    North Harbour Rockers 20th Birthday Hop     
                     Northcote Primary School
  July 5th      Howick Club
  July 20th    Wellsford Rockers 6th Birthday Hop Rodney College
  Aug 10th    Auckland Rock'n'Roll 39th Birthday Hop Freemans Bay


 Feb 10th      Hamilton Workingmens Club
 Mar 10th      Auckland RnR Freemans Bay
 Mar 26th      Franklin Rockers (John Solo)  
 Apr 13th      Stetson Club
 Apr 21st       Private Function
 April 28th     City of Sails RnR Edgewater College
 May 19th      D Flat Live
 May 21st      Franklin Rockers (John Solo)
 June 22nd    Stetson Club
 July 6th         Howick Club
 July 16th       Franklin Rockers (John Solo)
 July  21st      Wellsford Rockers Birthday Hop Rodney College Hall    
 Aug 10th      Grey Lynn RSC
 Sept 3rd        Franklin Rockers (John Solo)
 Sept 28th      Stetson Club
 Oct 27th        Private Function
 Oct 29th        Franklin Rockers (John Solo)
 Nov 1st to 14th Not available.
 Nov 16th       D Flat Live

 Jan 21st     Wellsford Rockers Rodney College Hall
 Feb 18th    DFlat
 Mar 11th    Auckland Rock'n'Roll Club Freemans Bay
 Apr 29th    Gracelands Birthday Hop
 May 12th   Stetson Club
 June 23rd   Howick Club
 July 22nd   Kamo Club
 Aug 5th     Private function.
 Sept 16th   D Flat Live
 Sept 29th   Howick Club
 Nov 3rd     Howick Club   CANCELLED
 Nov 11th    Franklin Rockers Christmas Hop CANCELLED
 Nov 25th    Not Available
 Dec 5th      Hibiscus RnR Whangaparaoa Hall
Dec 8th      Stetson Club

No gigs due to illness.
Feb 13th                Howick Club
Feb 28th                Private Function
March 14th            Auckland RnR Freemans Bay
March 20th             Howick Club
March 21st             Hanger Doo
March 27/28th Not Available
Apr 11th                 Gracelands RnR Birthday Hop Tatuanui Hall
Apr 24th                Stetson Club
May 15th               Howick Club
May 16th               Twin Rivers Birthday Hop (Sax Appeal)
June  27th             City of Sails RnR Edgewater College
July 10th               Howick Club
July 24th               Botany Charitable Trust
Aug 14th               Howick Club
Aug 28th               Stetson Club
Sept 5th               Valley Rockers Birthday Hop Ngatea
Sept 11th              Silverdale RSA
Sept 12th              Ellerslie Convention Centre (Masters of Rugby League
Sept 18th              Howick Club
Sept 29th              Hibiscus RnR  Blue September Fundraiser
Oct 2nd                Silverdale RSA
Oct 3rd                Not Available
Oct 10th              Not Available
Nov 6th                Not Available
Nov14th               Whakatane Birthday Hop Awakeri Hall (Regrettfully had to cancel)
Nov 20th             Not available           
Nov 27th             Hibiscus Coast RSA
Dec 11th             Stetson Club (Re scheduled April 2016)
Dec 12th             Auckland RnR  (Sax Appeal) (Regretfully cancelled)

Jan 18th                    Private Function
Mar 1st                       Auckland RnR Freemans Bay
Mar 7th                      Howick Club
Mar 22nd                   Howick Festival of Wheels 10am to 2pm
Mar 22nd                   Private Function Waiua Pa (evening)     
Apr 5th                      Hibiscus RnR Birthday Hop (Sax Appeal)
Apr 11th                     Howick Club
Apr 12th                    Not available
May 16th                   Silverdale RSA
May 17th                  Twin Rivers HopTe Kowhai(Sax Appeal)
May 24th                    Not Available
May 31st                    Not Available
June 14th                  Not Available
June 21st                  Fundraiser Dinner/Dance
June 28th                 Waitomo Rockers Birthday Hop
July 19th                  Kamo Club
Aug 1st                    Howick Club
Aug 9th                   Auckland RnR Birthday Hop(Sax Appeal)
Aug 22 - 25              Not Available
Sept 6th                   Valley Rockers Ngatea
Sept 19th                Howick Club
Oct 10th                  Howick Club
Nov 7th                   Rockin The Planet CT Club Remuera
Nov 14th                 Howick Club
Nov 15th                 Whakatane RnR Birthday Hop Awakeri Hall
Nov 29th                 City of Sails RnR Edgewater College
Dec 1st                   Franklin Rockers
Dec 5th                   Howick Club
Dec 6th                  Wellsford Rockers (Sax Appeal)
Dec 9th                  Auckland Freestyle RnR Avondale
Dec 13th                Auckland RnR Freemans Bay

Feb 8th                          Silverdale RSA
Mar 2nd                          Private Function
Mar 9th                           Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Mar 16th                         Onehunga RSA
Mar 22nd 23rd                 Beach Hop Whangamata
(Mar 27th to Apr 6th)          Not available
Apr 13th    Auckland R'n'R Club Freemans Bay
This is a one off special reunion gig forSax Appeal
Apr 20th                         Kamo Club
Apr 26th                         Howick Club
Apr  27th                        City of Sails R'n'R Edgewater College
Apr 30th                         Hibiscus R'n'R Club Sax Appeal
May 10th                        Silverdale RSA
May 12th                        Waiuku Steel'n'Wheels
May 18th                       John guest spot at Twin Rivers Hop
May 25th                       Not Available
June 21st                      Howick Club
June 29th                      Waitomo Rockers B'day Hop
(July 11th
to13th Aug )                   Not available
Aug 16th                        Howick Club
Aug 23rd                        Silverdale RSA
Aug 24th                        Fundraising Dance Rodney College
Aug 31st                        Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Sept 7th                         Valley Rockers  Ngatea
Sept 14th                      Auckland R'n'R Club  Freemans Bay
Oct 4th                          Silverdale RSA
Oct 11th                         Howick Club
Nov 2nd                        Twin Rivers Hop (John Solo)
Nov 9th                         Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Nov 16th                       Whakatane R'n'R B'day Hop Awakeri Hall
Nov 30th                       City of Sails R'n'R  Edgewater  College
Dec 2nd                        Franklin Rockers (John Solo)
Dec 13th                       Howick Club
Dec 14th                       Auckland R'n'R Club  Freemans Bay

Jan 7th                     Private Function  Russel Bay of Islands
Jan 21st                   Rockit Dance Kumeu
Feb 4th                    Kentish Hotel Waiuku
Mar 9th                    Silverdale RSA
Mar 10th                  Ponsonby Cruising Club
Mar  30th                 Beach Hop Whangamata
Mar  31st                 Beach Hop Whangamata
April 14th                Kamo Club
April 21st                Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club
May 11th                 Not Available
June 9th                  Not Available
June 23rd                Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
July 6th                    Not Available
July 13th                  Silverdale RSA
July 21st                  Private Function
Aug 11th                  Auckland R'n'R Club Freemans Bay
Sept 1st                  Valley Rockers  Ngatea Hall
Oct 6th                    Nathan Homestead (11-30 am)
Nov3rd                    Nathan Homestead 1-00pm
Nov 3rd                   Private Function
Nov 10th                 Auckland R'n'R Club Freemans Bay
Nov 17th                 Whakatane R'n'R B'day Hop Awakeri Hall
Nov 30th                 Private Function Onehunga
Dec 31st                 Onehunga RSA       
Feb 5th                Private Function
Feb  25th              Silverdale RSA
Feb 26th              City of Sails RnR Edgewater College
April 9th              Auckland Rock'n'Roll Club
April 23rd            Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
May 13th             Silverdale RSA
May 14th             Private Function
June 4th              Private Function
June 18th            City of Sails RnR Bucklands Beach
July 16th             Kamo Club Whangarei
July 30th             Waiuku Cosmopolitan Club
Aug 13th             Auckland R'n'R Club Freemans Bay
Aug 20th             Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Oct  29th            Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Dec 6th             Hibiscus RnR Whangaparoa
Dec 9th              Manurewa Cosmopolitan Club
Dec 10th             Private Function
Dec 31st             Thames Workingmens Club
Jan 29th            Grey Lynn RSC 
Feb 5th               Not Available
Feb 13th            Auckland RnR Freemans Bay Hall
Feb 27th             City of Sails RnR Edgewater College Hall
March 6th          Private Function
March 13th        Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
March 26th        Beach Hop Whangamata
March 27th        Beach Hop Whangamata
April 3rd             Silverdale RSA
June 4th             Silverdale RSA
June 12th           Auckland RnR Club Freemans Bay
June 26th           Hobsonville RSA
July 3rd              Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
July 23rd            Hobsonville RSA
Aug 13th            Silverdale RSA                       
Aug 27th            Hobsonville RSA
Sept 4th             Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Oct 22nd            Howick Club
Oct 23rd             Rock Cafe Mt Roskill (Private Function)
Nov 5th               Silverdale RSA
Nov 12th            Grey Lynn RSC
Nov 13th            Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Nov 27th            City of Sails RnR Edgewater College
Dec 4th              Papatoetoe RSA
Dec 11th            Private Function
 Dec 31st           Grey Lynn RSC
June 20th   North Harbour Rockers Glenfield
June 27th   Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
July 3rd      Silverdale RSA
July 4th      Drifters RnR Sacred Heart Hall Hamilton
July 10th    Grey Lynn RSC
Aug 15th     Private function Kumeu
Aug 29th     City of Sails RnR Bucklands Beach Hall
Sept 4th      Silverdale RSA
Sept 11th    Grey Lynn RSC
Sept 12th    Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Oct 17th      Kamo Club Whangarei
Oct 24th      Manukau Cruising Club (Octoberfest night)
Oct 30th      Silverdale RSA
Nov 6th       Howick Club
Nov 7th       Corporate Function Villa Maria Estate
Nov 14th     Auckland RnR Freemans Bay 
Nov 27th     Grey Lynn RSC
Dec 4th       Silverdale RSA
Dec 12th     Manukau Cruising Club
Dec 18th     Dairy Flat Hall
Dec 19th     Papatoetoe Cosmopolitan Club
Dec 31st     Thames Workingmens Club

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